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EPC History!

  • Egyptian Petrochemicals Company is one of the Egyptian petroleum sector companies and a subsidiary of the Egyptian Holding Company for Petrochemicals Company.
  • Egyptian Petrochemicals is the first petrochemical company produces of PVC originating in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • where he established fulfilling urgent desire of the Egyptian leaders to meet the Egyptian market needs of the product,which grew and grew as a result of scientific progress and the frequent use of petrochemical products at the end of the seventies and early eighties.
  • The establishment of our company for the purpose of production and operation, processing, buying and selling, exporting and importing final petrochemicals and intermediates, as well as the production and sale of electricity and maintenance and water treatment and industrial discharges Inception Date 20.09.1981 and started actual production in September 1987 with a capital source of 75 million pounds, where he arrived in the capital (capital investment) now 793.659 million pounds.