Plants Sulphuric Acid Concentration

Sulphuric Acid Concentration

Sulphuric Acid Concentration Unit

As a result of the dilution of H2SO4 to opers which non availably of storage in tanks, and poor marketing lead to the discharage of dilution,H2SO4 into the chlorine plant sewer, this lead to deviation in the specification of the effluent industrial water with profound change in PH , TDS , TSS the same time , exposure of the workers to fumes and vapours of H2SO4 , to SO and S O3 gas lead to health hazardous,Health Impact.

Project capacity

2.97 Liquid T/D

Project Philosophy

The new salphuric acid concentration is based on the evaporation of water under vacuum condition from a specially designed by corning horizontal concentrator . to obtain a product sulphuric acid concentration 96% and confirm that gas emission & liquid effluents shall comply with low No , 4/1994.