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Static Equipment and Fabrication Workshop

The workshop has various types of equipment to cover different applications for our company and others. It has an area of 13000 m2,6000 m2 is covered and the rest is an open yard.The workshop has been assessed and registered according to(ASME U STAMP) and (R STAMP) for manufacturing and repair of hight pressure vessels.

Applied Codes :

  • ASTM for materials

  • AWS for welding

  • ASME for vessels

  • ANSI for piping

  • API for tanks

  • TEMA for heat-exchangers

Fabrication Activities :

  • Pressure vessels (drums, towers)

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Tanks (site installation & shop fabricated)

  • Pipe works (site installation & shop fabricated)

  • API for tanks

  • Steel structures (frames, pipe racks)

  • Insulation works (hot & cold)

  • Sheet metal works (ducts, strainers)

  • Spare parts (shafts gears)

  • Heat treatment

  • Trays

  • ٍFilters

  • ٍSand filters

  • Sandblasting & Painting