Services Training Center

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Glim training center

Glim Training Center is located at the middle of Alexandria and near to all transport Communication from airport, Railway, ports and it is adjacent to the hotels,All modern tools of techniques for the center and The Training operations are available, it contains 5 training rooms each One is about 40- 50 m2. Besides two reception rooms for Guests and a hall also, telephone office is provided with all ways and availability for Local and international Communication calls and faxes.

Amryia training center

Amryia Training Center has a Great ability for making high Chemical engineering, environmental and safety Training courses,This is because the possibilities which are available by locating The center in the middle of the plants, Service units and Work shops in the company, which makes the Training Operation more useful inside different fields of Working on High class and modern techniques,The center includes a cinema and two lecture rooms. Each one takes about 60 trainees, conference room and a training lab for Computer programs which is provided with all audio and Visionary training ways.